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10A-30A(12/24V) PWM Solar Char Contr LS-B series
New LandStar series is Epsolar’s new generation programmable solar charge controller. All the models adopt aluminum heat sink which enables the reliability in high temperature enviroments.RS-485 connects to a remote meter or PC for real-time monitoring, custom setting and control etc.
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·Three system voltage configuration : 12V, 24V or 12V/24V auto work
·High efficiency PWM charging with temperature compensation
·3 LEDs shows PV charging, battery and load status
·External temperature sensor interface
·RS-485 bus communication
·Open standard Modbus communication protocol
·Software update function
More powerful function via MT50 or PC
·Diversified load control modes : Manual, Light ON/OFF, Light ON+ Timer, Time Control
·Battery type selection: Gel, sealed, flooded and User type
·Real-time monitor
·Programmable parameters
·LVD  or SOC load disconnect function
·Energy statistics function

Electronic Protections:
·PV short circuit
·PV reverse polarity
·Battery overcharge
·Battery over discharge
·Battery reverse polarity
·Load short circuit
·Load overload